Euzea is a small nation stretching from central to Northern Ashria. A very peaceful country that has a strong military, good church, non-corrupt politics, great economy, clean cities, nice weather, and citizens loyal to their crown and gods. By far the best country in Ashria, also the one you don’t want to mess with because it could crush you totally. Air (The most diverse because anyone with air abilities is sent there and air is the only magic that can be born to different types of magic – even no magic – but native Euzeans are Nordic).

In the air culture, the women cover their legs as they are considered erotic. A masculine woman will show her ankles and maybe shins. Usually it is rare to see a feminine woman even showing her feet. To show if a woman is feminine or masculine, also to see their rank, the women pierce under their eyes to curve along their jaw with metal studs – bronze is for common people, silver for warriors or nobles, and gold for royals, heirs to the throne, and priestesses. Women will also pierce their left legs starting at their ankle to show magical rank. A warrior will wear a sash around their waist to show their rank in the army, navy, or air force. Every warrior will wear a white sash except for lord general who will wear a purple sash, the warriors of noble blood will wear pink sashes, and advanced guards (who only answer only to royals, those the royals assign them to, and the lord general) will wear a maroon sash. There are only 24 total maroon sashes – 10 masculine women, 4 feminine women, 8 masculine men, and 2 feminine men. The army is mostly made up of masculine men and women, with few feminine women and even fewer feminine men. The navy is only masculine men and women, with only 3 feminine men in the whole navy and not a single feminine woman. The air force is only feminine men and women, with no masculine men and only about a quarter masculine women. Priestesses will usually be naked except for long skirts that cover their feet and breast binding. Every priestess wears white fabric, pink jewels, pink tattoos, and pink smoke that take the form of thin see through fabric over their bodies. Priests were blue, and the high priestess or priest wears purple. The heir to the high priestess or priest will wear purple, but their smoke (or essence) will not form into fabric. The heir’s smoke should not form until the high priestess or priest gives over the title to the heir. If the heir’s smoke does form it usually means that the gods want the high priestess or priest to die, and means big trouble. The heir will usually go into hiding, asking the thrown to help them because the high priestess or priest will try to kill the heir. It’s against the gods to kill the heir and usually the high priestess or priest will step down and give the heir the title, but sometimes the high priestess or priest’s smoke is captured by the dark gods.